Lucy Liu

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Sick of having unrealistic expectations when visiting an Asian girl at a brothel?  At 48 Angels you can rest assured what you see is what you get.  Each of our girls can create an intimate fantasy for you and leave you wanting to come back for more and more!

Lucy is our stunning Chinese dynamo.  Youthful looks, smooth skin, and service that just gets better and better every day.  Relatively new to the industry but not shy and she is ready to please.  She is in Australia studying English but she is more interested in studying Karma Sutra position and rumour has it she has progressed to the intermediate level.  Which for you means a wild time!

Lucy Liu – isn’t she that actress in Charlie’s Angels?  That sexy minx you had a crush on 10 years ago?  Yeah, well no.  She is the sexy minx at 48 Angels who will blow you away while blowing you.  Slurping, spitting, tongue flicking, tea bagging, and some light rimming, and then play basketball with her mouth.  Shoot and score for bonus points and a second round.  And round two involves hardcore PSE style sex and her favourite is reverse cowgirl!  You will not believe how amazing her arse looks from behind!

Book her today and enjoy one of Sydney’s newest Asian babes at 48 Angels.

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