2. Lacey

city brothel

Australian Temptress

Tall, skinny, leggy, and a tasty behind! What more could a man want? How about a girl who is an absolute firecracker in the bedroom with a playful personality to match? I check all your boxes checks all of your boxes

Anal Babe

Lacey is our most popular Australian girl for a reason! She just absolutely loves men to fuck her arse. If anal is your thing then Lacey is the girl for you. Just imagine bending her over the bed, or sofa, and thrusting against her bent over frame with your manhood swallowed inside her tight rectum. She will beg you to lightly spank her and scream loudly while you are blowing your load: “fuck me daddy, fuck me”.


Lacey can provide an intense natural deep throat blowjob, rimming, deep French kissing, sex in any position (including anal – extra), and to finish it all off you can cum in my mouth. (extras apply). That tasty behind we mentioned earlier is open for business. She knows exactly how to please a man and when you visit her you won’t want to leave.

Book her today and enjoy everything and anything you desire at the Sexiest Sydney City Brothel – 48 Angels.

Deep Throat Update

16 January 2021: So with Lacey’s busy schedule of being bent over sofas, beds, dining tables, bus stops, and whatever else is at least 3 feet shorter than her its difficult to catch up and get some feedback.  In the spirit of Lacey loving to be quoted (fuck me daddy…), here were her exact words – “I can’t believe my profile doesn’t say anything about my deep throat!”

You ask and you shall receive.  Lacey prides herself on taking inches and inches and inches (maybe feet) down her throat.  When asked about whether she has a gag reflex she says: “Of course, but that just makes it better.”  Apparently she endures that intense moment of helplessness and sadistic desire to breath again for your pleasure.  When your most sensitive region in halfway to her stomach her bodies natural reaction creates vibrations throughout her oesophagus that can lead to almost instantaneous explosions… and your fantasy a “throat-pie”.  Well, we don’t want to say too much more because you will have to just experience it for yourself.



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