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…OK – so here is a list of German sausages: Kalbsbratwurst, Weiꞵwurst, Göttinger, Blasenwurst, Braunschweiger Leberwurst, Frankfurter Leberwurst, and Fränkische Leberwurst.  Felicity, who is brand new to 48 Angels, has sampled her fair share of German sausages back home before she travelled to Australia as a tourist.  She loves working in Kings Cross and sampling the best of what Australia has to offer.

Felicity has a tight body, small perky A cup tits, a sexy German arse, and an appetite for sex that could destroy any Bavarian buffet.

So if you wish to try something special in your spare time – take a trip to Germany for an hour and book felicity today.  Her service is full of optional extras and with few things off limits you are sure to remember this little holiday for a long time.



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