Nationalit: Hong Kong

Age: 22yo

Height: 159cm

Weight: 54kg

Age: 22yo

Bust Size: C cup

Service: Standard / Gold / Diamond

New Hong Kong babe, 22yo, smooth white and tender skin, bubbly and loves to please.


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  1. Highmileclub(from Aus99)
    Highmileclub(from Aus99) says:

    Age : 20s

    Size/shape : D cups – bolt ons – trimmed pussy, nice little package

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwan

    Services Provided : FS, CBJ

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes would come back for another round.

    My experience/comments :

    In the area yet again and after my experience at 115 decided to come back here as I have been pretty lucky with the ladies here and wanted to see if I could reconnect with Kitty. No luck Kitty wasn’t working today and when I arrived I saw Sunny and she is a friendly cute lass and said that she would do fine. Unfortunately time was against me today so only paid for 30 minutes – will need to come back for a longer time – so into the showers for a quick rinse before heading to the bed and reclining while Sunny disrobed and quickly joined me. We started with a little light kissing before she kissed her way to my nipples, she said you like and I shock my and she headed south to my cock. She started to stroke my cock and got the comment big boy and I have small pussy which she showed me, looked good enough to eat and I didn’t think she was that small. I asked if I could play with her pussy and she said yes and she went to the side table and got some lube and a condom. She put the condom on my cock with her mouth and sucked me for a couple of minutes before she stopped and lubed up my fingers. I started to play and she said not inside OK and I said fine. She started to suck my cock with good depth and pressure on the old fella, no tissue breaks – pretty good all round, certainly put a smile on my face. I started to give her pussy a good play and I queried if I could return the favour and suck her pussy, she said that she didn’t like that as she preferred to fuck than have pussy sucked. We continued like this for a good 10 minutes before she said we fuck now and I said OK and she climbed up and decided that she wanted to fuck me in cowgirl.

    She slowly grunted as she lowered herself onto my hard cock and said big boy, I queried if she was OK and she leaned down and gave me a kiss and said Yes. Her pussy even through the condom felt great, really nice and tight. She started to bounce up and down her D cups with pointy nipples were just begging to be played with – be gentle she has sensitive nipples – she was going at a good clip and was moaning quite loudly, she does like to fuck. I was starting to overheat with what she was doing and decided to take a bit of control of the situation and sat up and gave her a cuddle. She then pushed my back slightly and started to grind her pussy against me, she said she like doing this and her moaning went louder and louder and she was moving faster and faster and it wasn’t long before she told me she was cumming and pussy tightened around my cock and she pulled me close. After she had calmed down I suggested we change to mish and moved her to the massage table which for me is a better height to have sex with a woman – the beds are a bit low for my liking. I entered her again and started to bang away at a good clip and she kept encouraging me saying I am a good strong man, good fuck as I make her cum – good for the ego. Kept on going and varying the pace depth and angle until I found one that seemed to be hitting the right part of her pussy as the moaning started up again and she was grabbing the table and pushing back, encouraging me to fuck her more. We continued like this for a good while and her moaning reached a crescendo and she told me that she was cumming again and asked me to join her. I hadn’t cum I told and said I would like to try doggy and she bent over the table to assume the position. I entered her slowly and started to pump away with her pushing back on me. After a few minutes I started to flag, been a bugger of a work day, and I slowly slipped out and she said that she would finish me off with a HJ.

    Went back to the bed and laid down and she oiled up the old fella and started her tug. She has a good 2 handed technique – must be busy at Silver Fox – and it wasn’t long before I was rock hard again. She varied the pace of the tug and gave my balls a good play with as well. She was totally unrushed I was thinking that we had gone over time – which we had – but she didn’t seem to mind at all. Eventually she slowly quicken the pace and I was spurting man goo everywhere, she cleaned me up and we headed to the showers where we washed each other – nice way to finish.

    BTW – Sunny isn’t on the roster and I queried if she was Sanny a girl I had seen before, but her face I didn’t recognise. She confirmed Sunny as in warmth she doesn’t like the cold. She works here Monday and Tuesday and at Silver Fox doing massage and tugs the rest of the time. She prefers the later and probably as nude 30 minute tug pays the same as a 30 minute FS session here.


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