Pretty young girl, mid 20s, perky C cup, bubbly girl and loves dressing up. Good English.


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  1. Highmileclub(from Aus99)
    Highmileclub(from Aus99) says:

    Age : 20s

    Size/shape : B cups with a nice bod – very friendly

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : FS, BBBJ DATY

    Value for money/recommend? : Pretty good

    My experience/comments :

    Came here again trying to link up with another cute lass and Mia was available, she is cute and I have always wanted a girl in glasses to have fun with – call it a fantasy of mine. So paid over the 130 for the diamond 30 minute service as I only had a short time and headed to the room. Mia joined me straight away and we headed to the showers for a clean up, Mia gave me a thorough cleaning – a shower BBBJ would have been a nice way to start but that didn’t happen, so I helped clean her body and we then left to dry each other. A little bit of light kissing and we headed to the bed where she had me lie down for her to begin the service. She started with a bit of a catbath and nipple suck before heading south towards my meat and 2 veg. She kissed around my cock and sucked my balls for a bit before starting her blowjob, which was good, good depth and technique with no tissue breaks. As she was crouched over my cock giving me head, her arse and pussy were in reach of my hands, so I started a gentle massage of both. The blowjob continued with Mia alternating the pace and depth nicely, while I continued to have my fun with her neither regions which started to get a little moist. This continued for a good while before I suggested that a bit of DATY would be nice, she agreed and we changed positions. I started to lick and suck on her pussy but it was a little difficult as she had put her hands on either side of my face to stop my beard from rubbing against her skin, made it difficult to really get close, my beard is closely trimmed and neat and this is the first for me in sucking pussy. Anyway I continued on with the sucking, she has a sweet little pussy, until I thought that it was time that she covered me up for the next part in the show.

    She grabbed a cover and head south and gave a bit more BBBJ before putting on the condom, she then mounted me in cowgirl. She slowly pumped away and it felt great as she had just the right angle of movement to make her pussy feel really tight. We continued like this for a few minutes before I suggested that we change positions to mish so that I could take over the tempo of the session. We changed positions and I slowly entered her pussy and then slowly ramped up the temp to give her a nice pounding which she took well and seemed to be enjoying it as she was starting to moan a lot more than before. I then decided that I needed to change positions again to doggy so we did that and I increased the tempo again, the issue I have with this place is that the beds are quite low for this if you are standing on the floor and her on the bed. It wasn’t long before a suggested that we change positions again and use the massage table instead, she agreed and we moved to the massage table. She reclined on the bed putting her legs over my shoulders and I re-entered her, this was far more satisfactory. So I again I upped the ante, but the issue was that as I did that the massage table started to move across the floor and I had to do a penguin waddle to keep up with the movement until she was able to put her arms out to stop the movement, we both had a giggle over this. I continued to pump away and Mia was moaning more and I knew that time was against so so up the tempo for the final minutes and blew in the dom. She cleaned me up and we headed to the showers where she gave me a final clean before getting dressed and heading on my way.

    Mia did the full service with her glasses on so that is one fantasy to tick off. She is a nice girl so please treat hr well.


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